Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Win For The Ages

Quite a lofty title for what really wasn't a big deal.
For some time I've felt that I could win a small or out of the way race.  I wanted to do it and spotted one in which I thought I might have a chance.  It was a race in Spencer OK, a suburb of Oklahoma City, called the Faded, Educated and Fit 5k .  The race was to benefit an organization that give free haircuts, maybe hairdos, and supplies for school children.  Because it wasn't a typical runner's race, I felt that I had a chance to win.  I did tie for 1st in a 12 hour race, but didn't win it outright.
I arrived at Spencer High School which was the finish line and they had a bus to take us to the start.  Since the start was only about a mile away, I decided to run there.  It appears I was the only one to do so, which only solidified my belief that this wasn't going to be a runner's race.
After a warm up workout, we went to the start.  A young man, 16, approached me and asked me how fast I planned to run the race.  I told him I hoped to finish in the low 22's.  He said he had run a 16 minute 5k and I thought, oh well, I guess second will be ok.
We start and a bunch of kids take off.  I know this won't last long so I just hold my pace.  By the first block most of them have slowed down.  At the one mile point only 2 people are ahead of me and one guy is running with me.  I pull away from him and start to gain on the only female ahead of me.  I pass her by mile two, but the young man I spoke with is still more than a block ahead.  As he begins climbing a hill, he starts looking behind every few seconds.  I think "he's slowing down," I have a chance to catch him.  I pick up the pace a little, and he starts walk/running.  I catch and pass him with about 1/4 mile to go.  I turn it on and don't look back least I see him gaining on me.  I cross the finish line first.
I win the trophy in the picture, and a $50 gift card to Red Coyote running store.
They treated me well after the race, and I let the director know that they ran a great race considering it was their first time.