Saturday, June 28, 2008

Super Summer 8k Race

Today was the Super Summer 8. This is an 8k race that I've run a couple of times before. It's a flat course and I've done well there in the past. Today my goal was to do the race in under 36 minutes which would be a new P R. The morning was warm but cloudy. There were storms in the area and lightening all around but not in the immediate area. There was talk of delaying the race, but it went off on time. I had set my Garmin to keep me on pace. I started and as usual there was no problem holding pace in the beginning. In fact I was a little ahead, so I eased up just a bit. There were a couple of people ahead of me that I hoped to beat but I didn't worry, it was still early. At the halfway point I was still on pace and feeling pretty good, but starting to worry about holding on. I passed the people I wanted but one of them was stalking me, I could hear him breathing hard behind me. I was OK with that, because I wasn't breathing nearly as hard as he was. I made the turn for the last K and grabbed for water but missed. I trucked it on in and could see the clock from afar, 35:30. All I had to do was hold pace and I'd reach my goal. I crossed the finish in 35:54, a new P R for me. I was as tired as I've ever been after a race and feeling great that I had reached my goal. I left one guy that likes to stalk me and pass me at the end. I made a point to put a lot of distance between us before we got close so that he couldn't do that.
My training had made me think I would be able to P R at this race. On Monday I did an easy 6 miles. Tuesday, I did 10 x 400's at a 6:45 pace. Wednesday, I did 5 miles on trails running with a couple of ladies from the Trail Running Club. And Thursday I did a marathon pace tempo run of 5 miles x 8:30. While the intervals and tempo runs were difficult, I was able to complete them as scheduled.
It will be a short week, and then I'll run another 8k on the 4th. I don't know if I'll race this one as hard, we'll see.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Week in Review

This past week has gone well. I've hit all my training goals. I'm following a modified version of Hal Higdons advanced marathon training program. I'm using this to train for the El Scorcho 50k. I've run intervals and tempos and haven't had a problem keeping the prescribed paces. Yesterday, Saturday, I ran 17 miles with a friend. He ended up doing 50 miles total in preparation for an upcoming ultra.
Today I ran an easy 7 miles at the Draper trails. I took one spill, but it was minor. I guess I have to fall every once and awhile to remind me to concentrate. I'm starting bit by bit to figure out the layout of these trails. I started on the Green trail, and took an offshoot to the orange trail to add distance. I am also trying to gradually up my mileage to 60 miles a week. This week I'm in the high 40's, next week I'll try to hit the 50's.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Africa West 5k & Father's Day

My trip to Phoenix went well, but it was hot there. I'd thought about running one evening, but the 110 degrees made me say I'll just sit in my hotel room and watch the NBA. On Friday after returning, I decided to do an easy 5 miles. I ran on my personal course, the Grand Blvd trail from Trosper Park W. to a few blocks past Shields Blvd. I call it my personal course because I seldom see anyone else on the course. Saturday I ran the inaugural Africa West 5k. This was held near Remington Park race track. I'd never run this course before, new race but old course, so I didn't know what to expect. But I did figure that it would be a low turnout. I was right, and none of my age group rivals were there. In fact I had visions of finishing in the top five. The race starts and I take off at a pretty good clip. My goal is to run under 22 minutes and get as close to 21:30 as I can. The course is nice, a bit hilly but I didn't mind because there were nice downhills also. There were a couple of loops, and after the first one I saw I was in 7th place. I saw two ahead of me that I felt like I'd pass before long. I did and after the second loop I saw I was in 5th place. I didn't know if I could pass one more because he looked young and strong. As we headed back I was feeling strong and decided to chase down number 4. I passed him on the final uphill and moved into 4th overall. I was happier with that than my age group win or my 21:45 finish. This is a nice little course, and kind of scenic to be in the middle of the city, but it is right next to the zoo.
Today, Happy Father's Day, I ran 14 miles with a group out at Lake Draper. Several who said they were going to run didn't show up, but that was ok. I met several new friends. I had seen most of them before, but didn't really know them. I ran with a couple of guys that were just taking it easy. One is an 18 minute 5k runner, but he just ran with us old guys at our pace, nice and easy. It was a tough run, I don't know if I was weak from the 5k or just a result of the heat and humidity. But it was a good run. Then it was on to church and to enjoy my Father's Day dinner.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Time moves on

Just a short update to let you know how things are going. I've been running trails, roads, and some speed work. I'm in a bit of a funk, but this too will pass. I did 8 x 1/2 @ 7/mi pace at the track yesterday. It was hard, but it is very hot and windy here.
This past weekend, I was in Houston for my No. 2 nephew's H S graduation and party. I took my granddaughter, and we had a blast. She had plenty of people her age to play with, and we went swimming, just a great time.
I had car trouble today, and that threw things off a bit. I leave for a short two day trip to Phoenix in the morning, and I plan to race a 5k on Saturday.

Nos vemos.

Monday, June 2, 2008

After the Rain

Well, I was 3/4 done with this post, when blogger decided to go offline and deleted everything.
I just like that title, but this is more like after Andy Payne. My recovery was faster after this marathon than any before. As much as I'd like to think that that means my conditioning is better, it is more likely due to the fact that I walked a lot in A P, and since I had my granddaughter for 3 days, I walked a lot after the marathon.
On Wednesday, I ran a 7 mile tempo run at an 8:15 pace.
On Thursday, I ran trails at Draper. I ran both the Green and Yellow trails for a total of 7.5 miles. I ran Green and Yellow because I haven't quite figured out how to stay on the Green trail since it's been redone. But I like the improvements that have been made on the Draper trails, by the Oklahoma Earthbike Fellowship. Just a side note, please, if you run there, yield to the bikes. It just makes sense, and in my opinion it shows that we appreciate what their groups have done to maintain the trails. I do realize that running clubs have helped on this also.
On Saturday, the running club was planning to run a loop (13.5 miles) around Draper starting at 7. I wanted to run with them, but I also had to be 70 miles away by 11 for a meeting. So I decided that if I started a little early, I could do both. I started around 6:50, and my plan was to start slow, and let the speedsters catch me somewhere on the E side of the lake, and then try to keep up with them. On the S side of the lake a friend, DB, caught me while riding his bike. We talked for quite a while, and before I realized it, I had run about 4 miles at an 8-8:10 pace. Not what I had planned. DB moved on, and I slowed down. When I turned on to the N side of the lake, I then decided to try and beat the speedsters back to the start. DB had told me that they had started a little late waiting on people, so I knew I had a chance. I did finish before I ever saw any of them, and when I got back to my car I saw another friend, BL, there. He has recently had knee surgery, and he told me his running career was likely over. I was sorry to hear that, but he's in good spirits and said he can still bike, swim and otherwise workout as long as it isn't too weight bearing.
Sunday, I ran the Bluff Creek trails for about 7 miles with a friend who ran the Sunmart trail 50k with me. He is just getting back into trail running after life has thrown some curves at him. This guy has such a positive attitude about things, that it always does me good to run with him. We will both be running our next ultra (50k) at El Scorcho July 20th in Ft. Worth. All in all a good week.
Tonight, Monday, the running club is having an informal 2 mile walk/run. It is really to collect goods for a charity. I plan to be there, but will try to volunteer rather than run 2 miles.
Hasta luego