Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Week in Review

This past week has gone well. I've hit all my training goals. I'm following a modified version of Hal Higdons advanced marathon training program. I'm using this to train for the El Scorcho 50k. I've run intervals and tempos and haven't had a problem keeping the prescribed paces. Yesterday, Saturday, I ran 17 miles with a friend. He ended up doing 50 miles total in preparation for an upcoming ultra.
Today I ran an easy 7 miles at the Draper trails. I took one spill, but it was minor. I guess I have to fall every once and awhile to remind me to concentrate. I'm starting bit by bit to figure out the layout of these trails. I started on the Green trail, and took an offshoot to the orange trail to add distance. I am also trying to gradually up my mileage to 60 miles a week. This week I'm in the high 40's, next week I'll try to hit the 50's.


goodbyetoallfat said...

Glad to hear things are going so well for you, Reese.

It will be a while before I am seriously "running" having only recently re-started my weight loss campaign. At the moment at just over 300 lbs my body (spine and knees) find jogging too difficult, but can cope with power walking.

I am hoping that once I get back down to 250 lbs or below that jogging will become a possibility again.

Best wishes,

DawnB said...

its wonderful when everything falls into place

RBR said...

I admire you! I so want to run an ultra. Someday I will be bugging you about how to get ready for a 50 miler. Thank you for the encouragement! I definitely found Los Banos! LOL!