Wednesday, January 3, 2018

So Much Things To Say

This post has nothing to do with Bob Marley, other than the title is from one of his songs.
I know it's been forever since I've blogged, and there are many reasons, but the biggest is I just haven't felt inspired.  And one reason for that is both injury and I've slowed down.  I haven't run sub 4 for the marathon in two years and that bothers me.  I assume one reason is that I'm older, I turned 64 in 2017, but the other is I'm less willing to suffer.  And I'm going to work on that this year.
After running on 7 continents I needed another goal.  And I chose to run the world majors.  This consists of 6 marathons, Chicago, New York, Boston, Berlin, London, and Tokyo.  I had already run the 3 in the USA, so I had the 3 outside to do.  I completed Berlin in 2017, I am scheduled for London in April, and have to try to get in Tokyo in 2019.  Along the way I hope to qualify for Boston this year for entry 2019.  Since I will be 65 this year, my qualifiying time is now 4:10.  Still, I haven't run 4:10 in a while either, but did run 4:17 at Grandma's, so I think it's possible.
Well, at least I've written something, so hopefully this won't be the last post of 2018.