Sunday, June 15, 2008

Africa West 5k & Father's Day

My trip to Phoenix went well, but it was hot there. I'd thought about running one evening, but the 110 degrees made me say I'll just sit in my hotel room and watch the NBA. On Friday after returning, I decided to do an easy 5 miles. I ran on my personal course, the Grand Blvd trail from Trosper Park W. to a few blocks past Shields Blvd. I call it my personal course because I seldom see anyone else on the course. Saturday I ran the inaugural Africa West 5k. This was held near Remington Park race track. I'd never run this course before, new race but old course, so I didn't know what to expect. But I did figure that it would be a low turnout. I was right, and none of my age group rivals were there. In fact I had visions of finishing in the top five. The race starts and I take off at a pretty good clip. My goal is to run under 22 minutes and get as close to 21:30 as I can. The course is nice, a bit hilly but I didn't mind because there were nice downhills also. There were a couple of loops, and after the first one I saw I was in 7th place. I saw two ahead of me that I felt like I'd pass before long. I did and after the second loop I saw I was in 5th place. I didn't know if I could pass one more because he looked young and strong. As we headed back I was feeling strong and decided to chase down number 4. I passed him on the final uphill and moved into 4th overall. I was happier with that than my age group win or my 21:45 finish. This is a nice little course, and kind of scenic to be in the middle of the city, but it is right next to the zoo.
Today, Happy Father's Day, I ran 14 miles with a group out at Lake Draper. Several who said they were going to run didn't show up, but that was ok. I met several new friends. I had seen most of them before, but didn't really know them. I ran with a couple of guys that were just taking it easy. One is an 18 minute 5k runner, but he just ran with us old guys at our pace, nice and easy. It was a tough run, I don't know if I was weak from the 5k or just a result of the heat and humidity. But it was a good run. Then it was on to church and to enjoy my Father's Day dinner.


Shawna said...

Great job - and nice finish! I bet that felt good. I have to admit, I like running the smaller races this year and placing higher. Happy Fathers Day a few days late!

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Hey Reese,
I'm feeling better, getting over that SD100 DNF. I haven't a mile yet, but plan on getting back into the groove soon. Gonna run in So Cal any time.

DawnB said...

nice job on the 5k maurice.