Sunday, September 21, 2008

Redman Tri & Training

Yesterday I worked in my running club's aid station for the Redman Full and Half Ironman. This is my second year and I love doing this. For one thing it is a nice party for friends from the running club. And it is always inspiring for me to see these multi-sport athletes. Our aid station is at the turn around for the marathon. So we see the half's first, then we see the fulls who have to come through twice. The lead male and female breezed through like they were just starting their marathon. Forget the fact that they had already swam 2 miles and biked 112 miles. Awesome.
Yesterday morning I wanted to run with a group that ran 16 miles at Overholser. But I missed them by about 10 minutes. Since I knew there was no way I would catch them, I decided to just warm up, then do about 8 miles at marathon pace, 8:35. I started at mile 6 and ran 8 at pace, then backed off and cooled down for the last 2 miles. I saw the group pulling out from the parking lot, so depending on how long they stayed after finishing, I wasn't too far behind them. Today I planned to really burn it up. I ran with the running club at Hefner for a planned 12 miles. I got there thirty minutes early and did a real easy 1.5 mile warm up. By the time they got there I was ready and when we took off, I hung with the lead pack. We started running 8 min/miles and picked it up to 7:30's to the 6 mile water stop. I was amazed that I still felt pretty good. We took off again, and we backed it off to 8 min/miles. Since my pard and I decided to just finish the loop instead of an out and back. I needed another mile. He said he was done, so I took an easy cool down mile. All seems to be well.

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DawnB said...

I love volunteer great way to get to know people. For now it'll only be the before and after help or mabybe during recovery, as I love racing more. Nice traing runs.