Monday, November 3, 2008

Race With Stars - Training Runs

This past Saturday, Nov. 1st I ran the Race with the Stars 5k. I like this race, it is run well. There is plenty to eat before the race, hot coffee and chocolate and they don't give medals, they give gift certificates to local business. I think I won one to Outback last year. Also, the weather was perfect, too cold before you start running, but just right after. Which also makes the coffee and chocolate taste so good. I saw only one rival that I thought would give me a problem, and I was right, he will be great motivation in my new age group. Nice, get older and the competition gets faster. I finished in 20:48, good enough for 2nd place in age group and only my second ever 5k finish under 21 minutes. The prize was a gift certificate to a Chinese restaurant. It was a good run and afterwards I went to a friends home who served breakfast to many of the runners.
Sunday I did a double run. First, in the morning I ran 8 miles with the running club. While I ran the first miles easy, I ran the rest slightly below MP to bring the overall average to MP. I cut the run short because my granddaughter was spending the weekend with me and I didn't want her uncle to have to deal with her too long. After she left I went out to the lake and did 11 miles very easy. I won't bore you with the rest of the week, but it was good with a mixture of runs.
This weekend I'm scheduled to pace a friend in his 100 mile run. The weather looks good and I'm feeling good about his run.


Just_because_today said...

20.48, that is impressive! 40 and 50 seem to be difficult age groups. I wish I had found running in my 20's for more reasons than one but placing would be one of them.
You have an amazing running experience.

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Joel said...

Congrats on another sub 21 5k. Can't say I feel too sorry for you in your age group - you keep raising the bar on me regardless of that 20 year age difference in my favor.

JenZen said...

That's cool that they give away gift certificates instead of medals!

DawnB said...

oustanding job congratulations again.