Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ramping up the mileage

For the past couple of weeks, I've been ramping up the miles in preparation for my 100 mile run. I consider this my last big push before the race. I've had a couple of set backs not directly associated with my running. First, you already know about the issues with my father, I'll update you on him in a minute. Second, my pacer has let me know that family obligations may keep him from joining me. I don't really want to attempt this without a pacer. I've learned from my 100k run, and my pacing duties for the 100 mile run that a pacer is a big help when you want to quit, but really aren't in physical danger. Well the 100 mile runner probably pushed the physical to the limit, but you get my point. It is also a big help to have someone with you during the night part. Yesterday I ran with my trail runners group. After our run, we went to the home of one of the runners for pancakes, eggs and fruit. While there, a young lady said she would consider pacing me. So I may yet have a pacer. I might give it a shot even without one. I've run a lot of trails and road miles these last couple of weeks. But I've been trying to get more trail miles since that's where the race will be run. I've also done several two a days on the weekends.
My father is now in an assisted living center. Two days after he discharged himself, he had to be rushed back to the hospital. Fortunately my brother was in town and with them at the time. My father decided that he didn't want that to happen again when just he and my mother were home. So he decided to go into assisted living rather than back home. They live 12 miles from ambulance service, 30 miles from a decent hospital and 70 from Tulsa or Oklahoma City. I must say though, he is as well as I've seen him in some time. He was giving me orders, telling another man what he needed to be doing and he was very precise in his instructions. Probably has to do with being off the hospital drugs.


Southbay Girl said...

You have had a busy week or two! I think it's unbelievable that you would consider running the 100 miler without a pacer-I'd give up so quickly! i guess that's why a pacer is good!!

As for your dad-I think it might be a very good thing he's in assisted living now! there will always be someone there in case something happens. Is your mother with him?

RBR said...

Holy cow! You are doing Rocky Raccoon too?! Man, I sure wish I could afford to go Texas next month. I would totally crew for you!

It has to be a good sign that your dad is back to his cantankerous self. I know I would be worried if my dad wasn't barking orders.

My thoughts are with you and him. Take care and rock the heck out of Rocky Raccoon!

Just_because_today said...

I don't know anything about 100 milers although a couple of my friends run them...will you need just one pacer or a couple of them at different intervals?

Maybe the assisted living will you give you and yours a little peace of mind.
All my best.

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

As you know Tanya and I have run RR100 2x's one DNF and one 26 hour finish. A pacer is great but for this race you don't necessarly need a pacer. There are a few out and back sections, so you will always see other runners to keep you motivated. And the Aid stations are placed well so you never feel you out in no mans land. We were hoping to be there again this year, but it just didn't work out. Best of luck!!

rob said...

Reese, you can do it man, pacer or not. That's inspiring to me, knowing you'll be running the RR100. I wish the best for your Dad too. My dad is 80 and I worry about him, especially since he lives in Cali and I'm here in NC. That's a good sign though that he's giving orders.