Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creek Classic & Training Run

Yesterday I ran the Creek Classic. This is a 5 & 10 K run in a suburb of OKC. It is not a bad run, but has a bad component which I'll mention later. In years past the 5k was part of the running club series, this year it was the 10k. It was a very windy day but not cold. I knew when we headed south into the wind it would be a problem. But one we all had to deal with. We started and I was trying to hold 4:30 kilometers. I was able to do this until we made the turn south and then my pace dropped quite a bit. The race finishes with a turn W then N. When we headed west I thought I would get some relief but it was not to be. The crosswind was almost as bad as the head wind. I wanted to stop and walk but resisted the urge. When we turned south with a tail wind I picked it back up a bit and was able to finish strong. I heard footsteps behind me and thought I'm not letting anyone do that to me at the end. I finished and my time was 45:54. Good enough for 1st in age group. The awards are given out in the school cafeteria and it was then that I recalled that the last time I ran this race they took forever to give them out. Same thing this time only since I ran the 10k, I had to wait even longer. I don't know why they can't get it together, this race has run for several years. Anyway, they finally get to the 10k awards, and run out of first place medals. That didn't bother me so much as the delay.
Today the marathon training group was doing 20 miles. Since I ran a marathon last week and the race yesterday I knew I wasn't going to do 20, but wanted to run some. I ended up with 14 miles and was fading after about 10. But I was by myself so I wasn't slowing anyone down. I need this to be a fall back week, and I'll race an 8k next weekend. I probably won't race again until April after that.


Southbay Girl said...

First in your age group! Congrats. But it kinda sucks that they ran out of medals!!

Running in the wind is no fun whatsoever! Almost as bad as sun, in my book!

You've had a busy week my friend! REST!!

rob said...

Reese, man way to earn that 1st place podium! Congrats!

JenZen said...

Wow - love how the competitive streak in you wouldn't let those footsteps pass you. Seriously??? They ran out of first place medals?? That's just crazy - not like it's a surprise how many people are able to come in first. Congrats anyways!! Great job on a great race.

DawnB said...

congrats on your age group win.

Charlie said...

Reese, that is a stellar time for the 8k I just checked out in your Log. I think that was a little faster than my fastest 8k time.

You and Joel were who I were thinking of, and I couldn't remember if Joel dropped or not. But I spoke to Matt Clay about this race through email or something, and he DNFed this one. but anyway, I think I'm going to give that run a try. Im still very slowly getting back into a running routine, "long" runs are still capped out at about 5mi or so. Really looking forward to getting back into double digit miles. No hurry though