Thursday, February 14, 2013

So What's Up?

So, what's been going on?  Yes, it's been a long time.  For 2012 I had several marathons on my calendar after completing Comrades.  Chicago in October, and New York in November.  I was training hard to hopefully go for a P R in Chicago.  While in Las Vegas for a family reunion in late July, I was doing my 3rd run in a row.  I had run 12, 15, and was running 11 this day.  Around mile 9 my shin began to hurt.  I walked for a few minutes and there was no pain.  So I started running again, and immediate pain.  Fortunately I was near my hotel, so I just walked there and figured I'd take a couple of days off.  Back in Oklahoma after a few days I tried to run again.  pain within 1/2 mile.  I knew something was wrong, and thought I had a stress fracture.  Doctor did MRI and the diagnosis was "shin splints."  However, shin splints is a generic term for several different injuries.  More specifically mine was "medial tibial stress syndrome."  Chicago, out, New York, out.  To be fair, I was told I could run these, but not well, and that I might set my running back a few more months.  Not what I wanted, so I bit the bullet and pulled out of both marathons. I took physical therapy for 2 months and cross trained by riding a bike. I ran 3 miles in August, about 80 in September, and bit by bit built back up to over 200 in January.  My first race back was a small 5k in which I ran in the 24's.  I was ok with that because it was very windy and the course was hilly.  I ran a Turkey Trot 5k and pulled it down to a high 22.  I ran a 1/2 marathon in December under 1:45 and figured I was ready for a marathon.  That will come February 24 in New Orleans.
Much more has been going on, but this is hopefully a first step in starting back to write in my blog.
Stay Tuned !

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Jennifer Henry said...

Glad to find your blog too Maurice, I'm trying to figure out how to follow as I'm new to all of this! Good luck this weekend in New Orleans, I'm kind of bummed I'm not going now! You guys have fun!