Saturday, March 1, 2008

Speed Work & Trails

Wednesday I was able to do my speed work. The weather here has been great, so I went to the park and did my Yasso 800's. I did 6 @ 3:30 or a 7 minute/mile pace. I actually do 1/2's which is just a tad longer than 800 meters. They were tough, but I had no problem doing them. I finished with a total of 6 miles including rest intervals and warmup/cooldown. Thursday I was going to take a day off, but my son wanted to run, and I like to encourage him, so I ran a very easy 4.5 miles. Friday, I ran the yellow trails at Draper lake. This is a moderately technical short trail. I did it in 40 minutes and had to keep it short because the sun was going down. Today, Saturday, I'm in a hotel in Pittsburgh. It is cold and there is snow on the ground. I wasn't worried because I knew the hotel had a workout room with treadmills. After I settled in, I went down there to run a bit, and found two treadmills with signs on them saying they were out of order. Bummer, so I got on the elliptical and did 30 minutes, and then did a circuit on the weight machines. After 30 minutes of that, I decided to see if I could get one of the treadmills to work. I like working on things that others say can't work, and I did get one to work. I did an easy 20 minutes, shut it off, and put the sign back on it. It will be my little secret.


Willie said...

I've never done the Yasso's, they sound interesting. Glad you made it to Pittsburg safely and that you found a secret treadmill to run on. We missed you this morning on the hills. They were fun. Have a safe trip and we'll see you in a few weeks.

DawnB said...

Nice work out Maurice, yasso 800's nice prediction of your marathon time. Wonderful that you ran with your son. I've been trying to get my 14 year old to run with me.

Thanks for your visit, the time wasn't my worst and I added 3 min from last year, my best time was a 2:28. I could never use these BB courses to predict my season. They are tough and hilly. I was grateful for the time though, not sure if it was the lack of training or the new shoe that was 1/2 inch too small!!

good luck with your 25k. my next major is the 30k to end the series then the marathon on 4/6.