Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Return to Training

After the Lost Dutchman Marathon, I took a little time off. To recover, and my business travel has picked up. Since Feb. 17th I've been to St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Kansas City. This Saturday I leave for Pittsburgh, and a few days after I return I'm off to San Francisco. It has been very cold in all of my travels so far, and I've run mainly on the hotel treadmills. I did get an easy 10 miles in this past Saturday before I left for KC, and today (Tuesday) I did another 8 easy. Tomorrow it's my plan to do some speed work, and keep my training moderate until my next race, the Beacon on the Bay 25k. Then it's an 8k the next week, and then my first run at 50 miles on the 22nd of March.

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Willie said...

Keep up the good training. San Francisco sounds like fun. Should get some good hill training! I'll see you at The Beacon on the Bay. I've got the Deer Creek Classic tomorrow, my first race in my first Triple Crown. We'll miss you. Safe travels.