Sunday, February 3, 2008

This Past Weeks Training

Tuesday I was scheduled to do speedwork, 6 x 400 @ 6:40 pace. I did two, and decided it wasn't my day to do speedwork. I finished the loop in the park at a slower pace for 3 miles. I was a little bummed out, but had outside issues going on that day, and the weather was a bit cold. Wednesday I decided to do an easy run in another park, and did 5 miles easy. It felt much better than the day before. Thursday it snowed, and I decided to do another easy run on the treadmill. I did 6 miles. Saturday I went to the Edmond hills with a group that was going to do 20. Ten earlier and then another 10 with the running club. We started at 5:30 and ran 5 at around a 8:15 pace. I decided that was a bit fast and slowed down with one other runner to finish the 10 at around an 8:45 pace. By this time the running club was ready to go. I hooked up with a young lady I know and we did 8 more at around a 9:15 pace for a total of 18 miles. Today I ran with a group that was doing various distances. One group was doing up to 22 miles. I ran with a couple that was doing 14 miles. We ran it at an average of 9:15. I have two weeks before my marathon, and am feeling better than I was Tuesday. I have speed work next week, and I'll see how that goes.

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annette bednosky said...

Thanks for your post on my blog! Just read your last entry on yours! What marathon are you preparing for? Best wishes with your training!