Sunday, February 10, 2008

Frigid Five - Five Mile Race

This past Saturday I ran the Frigid Five (Miles) in Edmond OK. The day was perfect for racing. It was around 40 when the race started. This is a hilly race, and I have worn myself out before trying to run too fast at the start. This time I tried to run by feel. I did have my Garmin on, but just held around 7:20 miles by pacing with this lady I know that runs near my pace. I hung with her for about a mile then felt like I could pick it up a bit. I passed her and started moving up past other people. I would pick out someone ahead of me and slowly pass them. I felt pretty good the whole race. I finished in 36:56, a 7:24 average. I ended up 4th in age group mainly because the 2nd fastest man in the state in our age group was there. He ran a 29:36, 5:56 average. But I felt good about this race, it was my fastest time at this distance, and I feel very good about my marathon this coming Sunday.

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Marc and Tanya said...

It was great meeting you and running with you in AZ. Hope you had a safe trip home. Best of luck with the upcoming 50 miler. You will do great. See you out there!!
Marc and Tanya