Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moving On

This week has been something of a recovery week for me, but I'm getting back into the swing of things fairly rapidly. I'm running a 5k next week, and I'm considering running a small local marathon in two weeks. I walked/ran 3 miles Tuesday. Then I ran 5 miles easy Thursday. Saturday I ran with the running club, they were doing 18, but I felt like that was too much so soon, plus I had to drive 70 miles for a meeting later that morning. So I ran 12 moderately hard. This morning I decided to run around Lake Draper. The weather had gotten a bit chilly, I was showing 45, so I dressed accordingly. I started out easy, and when I got to the south side of the lake, there was a strong wind from the north. It was a crosswind, but that is the dam side, and there is a steep drop off to the south. And it felt like a good gust of wind would carry me over the side. Of course after that, I was then headed north straight into the wind. With all of that I did have a great run. I was completely alone, there was very little traffic, and I just enjoy being alone with my thoughts sometimes. A complete loop of the lake is about 13.6 and like most runners I'm obsessive about distance, so I ran a little past the Marina to get it to 14 miles. It was then back home, shower, church and a Mothers Day dinner. It has been a good day.
One more thing about Flying Pig, and then I'll put it to bed. I got an email from them saying they have the correct distance now, and a calculator for you to figure out your corrected time. Of course this is just a guess based on your average overall pace. Anyway using the calculator my corrected time would be 3:50:19. Which is good only for my ego, because they are not going to change the times on their website, which I understand.

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DawnB said...

your recovery is going well. good luck with your up coming races. That hometown marathon might just make up for flying pig go for it!!