Friday, May 16, 2008

Summary of this week

This has been a very good week in training. Now we'll see if it translates into good racing. I sort of took Monday off. I went to the library to get the "Marathon runner's handbook." I'll give a bit on that in a minute. I checked that out, and then decided to check out this trail that runs right by the library. I had seen it before, but never run it. So I decided to walk it to see if it had any potential for a run in the future. It turns out it's a nice little trail, but not really runable. I saw a lot of families with babies and older children, and I think that's great. It is about 1.4 miles one direction, and .6 in another. So I walked/ran about 4 miles total, but didn't record that. Tuesday I met a group at a local high school track. This was my first time there and I just wanted to see what they did there. I just bought a new Garmin 305 and hadn't used it for intervals yet. My plan was to do "Yasso 800's" but I set my watch for 1/4's which is closer to 400's. So I did 10 1/4's with a 1:30 rest interval. I was surprised to see I was doing them at just over a 6/mi pace. At first I thought I'd do an easy day Wed, but instead decided to do a 6 mi. tempo run at sub-marathon pace. I ended up doing them at an average of 7:59/mi, but it was closer to 8:15's and then I did the last one in about 7 minutes. Thursday I did decide to do an easy run. I hadn't run on the river trails in a while, so I decided to go there. I ran the N. River trail for 10 miles at a 10:40 pace. I was really running by HR, trying to stay below 130. I have a 5K race Saturday, and a friend and I will run at least 12 miles on dirt trails Sunday.
I mentioned the Marathon Runners Handbook, so far I'm not impressed. But I'm only a little into the book. It seems more like a beginning runners handbook. I also mentioned that I bought a Garmin 305. I've been watching the price and availability of the new 405, but decided I wasn't ready to pay $349.95 for the 405 with HR monitor. Then I saw where REI had the 305 on sale for $165, so I jumped on it. I like it a lot so far. By the way, it's not on sale anymore. I have a Garmin 201, and then I would wear a separate HR monitor. The 305 has a HR monitor built in. It seems to be more accurate on HR and distance.

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Willie said...

Hey, no quoting what I said previously!! That's cheating. I think it was Emerson who said, "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds". LOL!

Did you like the speedwork with the group? I heard they do that but I do my speedwork/tempo runs on Thursday so I haven't joined them. Sounds like you ran well. Did you run the Gusher? I heard it was a great race.