Sunday, October 12, 2008

SOS Marathon - Emergency Rooms

One more note on the Spirit of Survival Marathon I ran on my birthday. They made a big deal out of it being my birthday. When I finished I checked my time and saw that I was 4th in age group. The next day when I checked the online results I noticed that they had me in my old age group. I was actually 3rd in my new age group. I didn't get my medal, my companions told me the medals were generic so I didn't bother with trying to get it mailed to me. But it is a first for me, a top 3 age group finish in a marathon. Mind you my time was not great and it was a small marathon but I take my victories where I find them.
Today I did a very easy 11 mile run/walk. I was running, and ran into a friend who was walking. He had raced yesterday, and was just taking it easy today. So I walked with him for awhile, and when he turned back I started running again. It was an easy recovery week.
Yesterday, Saturday October 11th, I was taking it easy, watched OU lose to Texas and preparing to "chill" for the rest of the day maybe run a few light errands, when my granddaughter calls and asks me to take her to the emergency room. Now my granddaughter is 5 so you know who was really asking. So I speak to her mother and her mother says "yes, we do need to go to the emergency room." So I go get them and take them. My granddaughter is in a great mood and just glad to be around "pa pa." And of course I'm thinking "is this trip really necessary." But of course error on the side of caution when it comes to children. So, the short rest of the story is I was in the emergency room from around 2:00 p.m until around 11:00 p.m. A nine hour stay for about thirty minutes of actual interaction with medical staff. And they treat you like crap, even though she has insurance. Thankfully my granddaughter is doing just fine.


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

She's a cutie pie.
Hey you take those top 3 finishes when you can. I took 2nd in my age in the Bermuda Marathon, there were only 3 in my age :)(lol)

DawnB said...

congrats on your 1st age group win in you new age group!! awesome

Your grandaughter is adorable!!