Thursday, October 23, 2008

In all Fairness

I want to be fair about experiences I've had with different companies. I dogged O'Reilly Auto Parts in an earlier post about the way I was treated there. Now here is an encounter that had a different ending. I mentioned in my previous post that I had to rush home after running Saturday for an appointment with an appliance repair man. I had purchased a new dryer from Best Buy one week before. It was new, but a floor model out of the box and discounted over $140.00. I hooked it up and within about two days it started making this grinding sound. I couldn't meet anyone at my house until this past weekend, so I scheduled an appointment for Saturday, and they were to call me by 10:00 a.m. By 11:00 still no call, so I call them. They have me down for an appointment two weeks later. I said you've made a mistake, there is no way I would have scheduled an appointment that far out for a new appliance. She said let me see what I can do, but you may have to hold for about ten minutes. I said no problem. She comes back, and says I'll have someone there within ninety minutes. The guy gets there, and says the machine is damaged, you should get a replacement. I say, ok, but in my mind I'm thinking there's no way they are going to let me replace a floor model they discounted with a brand new one. Well, not only did they replace it with a new one, they never once said anything about the fact that they had discounted the first one for being out of the box and on the floor.

I condemned O'Reilly, I want to commend Best Buy for their customer service. And before I get carried away, I know that individual experiences will vary from time to time and depending on the customer service rep you get.

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DawnB said...

awesome, that is wonderful news, good to know good things happen to good people.