Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sooner State Trail Run

Yesterday was the running of the Sooner State Games trail run. In years past, this was a 12k run at Bluff Creek. Due to pending constuction there, the run was moved to the Draper trails. The race was also changed to a choice of three distances, 5, 10, and 25k. Since I'm still somewhat recovering, I decided to do the middle distance, 10k. There was a good turnout for the races considering how cold and windy it was. I lined up and after Don fired the shotgun, we were off. I know this course well so I was running pretty good. It took a little time to get around people, this was mostly single track, and bit by bit I moved up. I finished in 51:22, 9th of 25 men, and 2nd in age group. This was a well run race, and I hope they are able to continue with it. The only real problem I see is there is not enough parking, and I guess this race can't get too much larger, there simply isn't enough room.

Today I decided to do an easy 10 mile run around Lake Hefner. I started off slow and never got in a groove. I averaged around 10 minute miles, but walked in all but the last three miles. This doesn't worry me because of the race yesterday. My legs felt tired the whole 10 so I just need a little rest.


DawnB said...

congrats on the age group win, nice race.

Lil' Bill said...

You are amazing! Very impressive finish.

BTW - you need to update your "My Personal Records" list. RR100 is MIA.... :)

JenZen said...

Great job on the trail run! Toot, toot! (That's me tooting your horn for you!)