Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Super Summer 8k & Green People Run

Saturday I ran the Super Summer 8k. It was hot, humid and I ran too hard. I had to walk during the 6th k. I was dizzy and needed to rest a moment. I finished ok, and after a while felt much better. Second in age group and a nice hat. Again, nice to get something other than a medal.
After that, I went over to the nearby Bluff Creek Trails. It was the annual Green People Run and poker game. You signed in, got 3 cards, and then for every 3.5 mile loop of the trails you ran, you got two more cards. I only ran two loops, and even then I feel like I overdid it a bit. This is put on by the Trail Running Club that I belong to, and it is a nice get together. Beer, food, and other drinks.
I had a nice father's day. Family took my son and I out to dinner, and got to spend some time with my granddaughter.
We have now entered the time of year that I hate in Oklahoma. We will be near or over 100 degrees for the next week. Hot, humid and just terrible weather to be in. The Oklahoma City Newspaper, which I refuse to subscribe to, always can be counted on to run a cartoon in winter when we have very cold and snowy weather making fun of Global Warming. They never run that cartoon in the summer.
I see no real benefit to run in the evenings, so I'm trying to get my runs in early.


Charlie said...

I hate Oklahoma summers too. I long for fall and winter. Another couple weeks and I should be running again. Want me to hit you up for an early Sat/Sun jog?

Just_because_today said...

that's an interesting race collecting cards.
We have had nothing but rain for 3 weeks. 19 days of rain in 33 weeks. Hard to get any miles in.

DawnB said...

wow, I really hope its not as bad as it sounds

Willie said...

You 'da man! That's the movie. One of my favorites!