Sunday, January 17, 2010


Before I get to the reason for that title, just a few words about training. I've run both trails and the road lately and things seem to be going well. Our cold snap seems to have snapped, at least for the time being.
I commented on another blog that was about what the author felt was an overemphasis of fighting tobacco use at the expense of other worthy endeavours. I expressed a dissenting opinion. The author and I have no problem. We do not always agree, but we are always civil. Another person commented that I was egocentric, or rather my blog is egocentric. Here are his exact words;
"I looked over your egocentric blog brother and I find it amusing, this comment of yours, because connected to what you write about (me, me, me) your concerns are not for public health but rather for your own desires in your own little world. "
Now his comment didn't really bother me. However, he sent me a very childish email. But the purpose of this post is to look at whether what he said is true. Of course it is. This subject has been covered by me in the past, and by many blogs that I've read. We allow ourselves to boast, if we so choose, about what we do or accomplish. Those who have read this blog for any amount of time know that it is primarily about my running. But is running all there is to me? Of course not. I simply choose not to talk about the other things I do or am involved with. Nor am I going to talk about them now. From time to time I do, but not often. If I am to be judged solely by the content of this blog, then so be it.


Just_because_today said...

The purpose of a blog is to be able to say and write whatever we want. A reader has the choice to stay, or click close and leave. Same as they would in a newspaper column, read it or skip it. And since we have a comment option, we will find those who agre and those who don't.
But if we choose to stay and read on, we learn a lot about the person whether they only write mostly about one area in their lives. I can remember posts you have written that touch many other subjects besides running.

Willie said...

Sorry you have to put up with that. No need to explain yourself any further, those of us "in-the-biz" know what this is all about. C-ya tomorrow.