Thursday, January 7, 2010

A New Year - Short Ultra - Met Blog Friend

A New Decade is here. And like a New Year or a New Day, what is the difference between today and yesterday. I guess in this case a lot more hung over people.

For my first race of the year I ran a Fat Ass race. For those who don't know what this is, it's a very low key minimal support informal run/ultra. This one has a maximum distance of 50k (31 mile), but you were welcome to run whatever you wanted. I haven't run much since the CIMarathon early December. Several reasons, one - I wanted to rest a bit, two - a very busy time of year, 3 - relatively cold here. We had a blizzard Christmas Eve which stranded me in the DFW Airport trying to get back home. Anyway I decided to run the race and just do it by feel. This is a 17 mile out and back, then a 14 mile out and back. I would guess around 30 people started, but many turned back at the only water crossing. The temps were around 20 at the start, and while there was a makeshift bridge, some just didn't want to chance it. I started out very slow, and was in nearly last place for some time. I pressed on and made it to the dam which you only had to do once. While I had warmed up some on the trail, the dam is elevated and open to the elements. It was cold and windy and my hands started getting cold again. I made it to the turn around and continued back, still undecided if I would go beyond the 17 miles. The trail was snowy, icy, and muddy. After making it back to the start, I sat down, had a sausage with chili and some hot chocolate. I decided to go back out, but since I figured I'd be the last person on the trail, I told the director that I would turn around when I encountered the last person returning. There were only three people who had headed back out to do the full 50k. I just wanted to get past the marathon distance. The second time out I was much slower, not feeling bad, just low on energy. I encountered what I thought was the last person returning, decided to continue just a bit more so I would get over 28 miles, and then headed back. I finished feeling ok, ate a little more then headed home. A nice way to get back into the swing of things.

On New Year's Day I met one of my blog friends. She was headed back to California from Tennessee, and had stopped in Oklahoma City to rest for the night. The next morning we met at Starbucks, and chatted like we were old friends, which we now are. Nice meeting you Penny, look forward to the next meeting. Below is our picture, and here is a link to her blog.


Jon Gilchrist said...

happy new year fellow Okie...hope your runnig and racing is fun, adventurous, challenging, and invigorating in 2010

Just_because_today said...

Beautiful. After reading each other for so long, we do feel like old friends.
Fat Ass race...i love the name.

And yes,Reese, I finally posted about running

Southbaygirl said...

It was fantastic finally meeting you, Reese! Next time we should do dinner!!

I hope OKC has warmed up, a bit! I'll send you our 70 degree temps if you'd like!!!

I'm running a half marathon tomorrow-kinda an impromptu race for me. I'm using it as a training run for the Carlsbad half in 2 weeks!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Lara said...

I've never heard of a Fat Ass Race, and I love it! What a cool idea, to just go out as far or as much as you want, just to get some good miles in. Sounds like you had a great attitude and really watched your body temp and fuel level as well, which is the smartest thing you could have done. Glad it went well!