Sunday, April 24, 2011

115th Boston Marathon

This was my third time to run the Boston Marathon.  One of my running goals for the year was to PR at Boston.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been injured, and had stopped training to hopefully recover enough to run Boston and the Comrades Ultra Marathon in May.  I didn't stop running, I just stopped running fast.  My rehab seemed to be going well, and I even started hoping that I'd be able to run Boston fast. 
A large group of my running club members were going, and we had a lot of things planned together.  Most of us arrived either the Saturday before the Marathon (Monday, April 18) or before.  We went out to dinner Saturday, Monday after the Marathon, and Tuesday.  I enjoyed all of our outings together.

Many of us took the bus together to Hopkinton, the start of the marathon.  It was very chilly there, but the day was supposed to be very good for running.  Cool, and a light tailwind.  We started, and I was running with one of my running club friends.  Our pace is usually very similar, but lately she has been running faster than I have.  While we talked about our goals for Boston, we really didn't get specific.  She was running well, but faster than I thought I could hold, so after a couple of miles, I backed off the pace a bit.  I was holding around an 8:30 pace, and passed through the half in 1:51.51.  But I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold that, so I started slowing down even more.  By the Newton hills I knew I was going to walk some.  So every aid station I would grab both water and Gatorade and walk until I finished them.  While I wanted to run well, I at least needed to finish under 4 hours to get a decent seeding at Comrades.  By mile 21 I knew if I could just hold 10 minute miles I could get my sub four.  I finished in 3:57.05.  Not a bad time for me, but a positive split of 15 minutes.  Very poor pacing.  I'm not disappointed with the time, just my pacing. 
I will be running the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon this coming Sunday, May 1st, just 13 days after Boston.  This is more of a training run getting me ready for the 57 miles at Comrades, but with good weather and light winds I plan to try and beat the Boston time.
I haven't qualified for Boston 2012 and don't know if I will be able too.  But if I do, I'll probably continue to run there.


Julie said...

Good job Maurice! Glad you had a good trip and was able to run.

Tiger said...

Nice work at Boston, Maurice! You are still very fast! I hope your knee continues to improve. If you discover the magic potion for Runner's Knee, please share. I've been battling with that myself over the last few months. Mother Road did not help, of course. Good luck and have fun at the OKC Marathon and Comrades!

Kat Miller said...

Congratltions and thanks for sharing!

Willie said...

Keep your eyes on that prize! Great job in beantown and I can't wait to see you at our hometown run!