Monday, April 4, 2011


There are several reasons I haven't posted in awhile.  Been busy, very busy.  But the main reason is I'm injured.  Not can't run injured, but can't run the way I want to injured.  I have runner's knee.  I've actually had it for some time, but up until now, it didn't interfere with my running.  Yeah, that's sounds odd.  Runner's Knee that doesn't affect my running.  Well it didn't.  I could run as fast and hard as I wanted, and it wouldn't bother me until after the run.  But now, I can't run hard.  I've stopped all of my speed work that I was doing in preparation for Boston, and Comrades.  The fear part came in when I started speculating that this would be the end of running for me.  One pharmacist told me it was probably Arthritis and that the only thing I could do is mask the pain.  That's what I get for guessing and using the Internet instead of just going to someone who specializes in this type of injury.  I am doing something about it now, and I think I've made progress.  I'm seeing a Doctor about it, and he identified some problems right off the bat.  Anyway, I'm now fairly confident that I can do my runs, but also fairly sure that PR's are not going to happen.
I have run two races in the past month.  A 25K which I ran in just over two hours, and a half marathon that I ran in just under 1:50.  Neither of which is close to my best, but I was just happy to finish them.
Two weeks from today is the Boston Marathon.  And thirteen days after that I'm running the Oklahoma City Marathon.  My plan right now is to run OKC easy as a training run for the Comardes (Ultra) Marathon which is one month after OKC.  AARP was offering free entries for people over the age of 50 so I took them up on it. 
Well, for now I'm going to close and try to keep updated a little more often.

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Just_because_today said...

oh boy...I have been battling knee pain for a while. Different than yours but still injured.
Hope you heal sooner than I have