Monday, April 7, 2008

The Redbud Classic & Training

I have been continuing my training for the upcoming Flying Pig Marathon on May 4th. Saturday a week ago, I did 14 miles on the Edmond Hills with the running club. Sunday I ran 6 miles on the Lake Draper Green trail. Tuesday I did 6 miles of 1/4 mile intervals, and Thursday I did 7 miles with a 6 mile tempo run at sub 8 minute miles. This past Saturday I ran 16 miles by myself around Lake Overholser with the second loop (8 miles) at marathon pace -20 (8:15/Mi.). Everything has gone well, I was tired and sore after the 16, but nothing permanent. The running club was doing 20 miles on Sunday, but their marathon is the week before mine, plus I wanted to run the Redbud 10k on Sunday, and didn't feel that it would be smart to do 20 the same day. I plan to run 20 plus next Sunday.

Sunday afternoon at 2 was the running of the Redbud Classic. This is a pretty big race for Oklahoma City, in fact I think the total is probably larger than the total of the OKC Marathon (Full only, not including the other races). I don't really like this race, I mean the crowds are nice and it's nice to see this large a race in OKC, but I don't like the time of day for the race. Anyway, I toed the line for the start. My goal was simply to run the entire race, and beat my time from last year, 47:17. I started slow as I usually do. To pass the time I was picking out people passing me that I would pass later. The course for this race is somewhat hilly. I seem to be able to do a little better than some on hills, because I would pass a lot of people there, but they would get back around me on the downhills. This is a well organized race, but the walkers (I assume they were 5k since we didn't catch them till after the halfway point) seemed oblivious to the runners and were blocking the way in some cases. I didn't say anything but it did aggravate me. Around 7k I seemed to really hit my stride, and I started pouring it on. I would guess that I was behind last years time till then. I finished in 46:57, and was pleased with that. It was far too crowded at the finish for me, so I got some water and headed back to my car.


DawnB said...

Congratulations on a great race. Wow 46:57 only in my dreams :).

You could imagine the problem I had Sunday weaving in and out of the half marathoners and the walkers to the very end. This year it did not bother as much as last year. Last year was the first year they lump us together. So I expected it this year.

almost taper time for marathon. I've heard of that one. I think I'm running a marathon as well that weekend.

Willie said...

You're a lot smarter for not doing both the 20 and the Red Bud. I'm really sore and tired today. Luckily nothing hurts. I agree with your perception of the race, it's nice to see a large race in OKC but 2 P.M. can be brutal.

You got the walkers, I got the slow runners! I was peeved at how many very slow runners lined up at the front of the starting line. I expect some of this but it seemed really bad for some reason on Sunday.

That's a great time! I wished I had spoken with you about the hills, I wasn't ready for them. 46 minutes on that course is really quick. Great job.