Sunday, April 20, 2008

This Weeks Training

This weeks training has had it's ups and downs. On Tuesday, I did 7 miles at marathon (8:35) pace. On Wednesday, I did 8-1K intervals at 4:30 each. I wasn't going to run Thursday, but my son wanted to get in a run. Since it was raining a bit, and we were in MWC, I said let's go check out Regional Park. Neither of us had ever run there before. It's a nice area once you figure it out. It has a woody area, and looks like you could run some short trails there. Anyway, I did 5 easy miles there before the cold front and rain ended the run. Saturday was the last training run for the running club, but I also belong to the OKC Trail Runners, and I hadn't run with them all year because of conflicts. So I ran with five lovely ladies, no other guys showed up. We started out together at the Draper Trails but ended up separating because some wanted to run different trails. I finished with a young lady for a total of two hours. I don't take my Garmin because it doesn't record well on the trails, but also I like to just run by feel sometimes. My plans today were to run 14-16 miles at a fast pace. I went to S & S park at Hefner and started out easy going counter-clockwise. After a little over a mile I started picking it up and ran 8:30 miles back to the park for about 6 miles. I stopped at my car to get something to drink and then started out in the other direction. I immediately started having problems. My right knee felt like it wanted to give out, and I felt like I had no energy. I stopped after a mile and stretched the knee. Started walking and then running again. I had the feeling again, but kept running and it went away, but I still couldn't get back into the groove. I went out 3 then decided to turn around. This put me into the wind and added to my problems. I decided to walk for awhile and after about 5 minutes started running slowly. I was able to run all the way back and just decided to chalk this up as one of those off days. My knee feels fine and I don't think it's a problem. I'll be in Seattle working next weekend and probably won't get to run. So I'll try to get a moderately long run in during the week. I may not post before next Sunday, so good luck to all who are running in the Run to Remember, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.


Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Not finish R. report yet but set a new 50 mile PR. Leona was a tough course, but everything seemed to come together. I did post a short video.

DawnB said...

you are getting some really quality training in nice week.