Wednesday, April 30, 2008

OKC Marathon, Seattle, Training, Flying Pigs

First thing I want to talk about is the outstanding performances that my friends put on at the Eight Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. One friend was hoping for a sub 4, he did sub 3:40. He is one happy Willie. He likes to play with that word. Guys, we never grow up. Several other friends either PR'ed or just had great runs. I understand the weather was very cool, and some rain at the start. Also our usual South wind was from the North. So while they had a head wind for the first half, it turned into a tail wind for the second half. Great job folks. I used the Museum logo because the Marathon logo just wouldn't come out right.
I left for Seattle this past Saturday. No big problems with the airlines. I arrived in Seattle in the early afternoon, and my hotel was almost at the airport. So to pickup the car and drive to the hotel takes less than 30 minutes. I had already picked out a place to run before I left OKC. It's called the Green River Trail and it runs almost the entire length of the city. It mostly follows the Green River, and is real popular with bikers. In fact I did not see another runner, but probably 20 bikes. I was a little disappointed in this trail. While I only ran about 5 miles one way, 10 total, the trail is not very scenic. Maybe there are better places. Before I started, I turned on my Gamin, and it said low battery. I thought that was odd, because I've only seen that one other time, after my 50 mile run, but it was on over 10 hours that day. So I just said oh well, I'll run by feel and not worry about distance. So I do my run, and the next day (Sunday) I'm working in the Seattle Convention Center, and I try to use my cell phone, I was going to call and congratulate a friend who ran the OKC Marathon, and my phone wouldn't dial out. So I thought, well maybe if I turn it off and then back on it'll work. I turn it off, and it won't come back on. Odd, but I figure I'll charge it when I get back to the hotel and see if it will work then. It does, but I had charged it not too long before that. What I'm getting at is that it was odd that both the Garmin and the phone lost their charges so quickly. UFO's nearby sucking the energy from my devices?
Anyway, back to the real world. My training has been going OK, I had the semi-long run in Seattle, and then I ran yesterday (Tuesday) after my flight back to OKC. It was not a good run, but I didn't worry about it. I was running 1/2 mi intervals and just couldn't get into the groove. But I did spend 6 hours on airplanes and hadn't eaten anything of substance, so I chalk it up to that. I will probably do an easy run today, maybe a short tempo run tomorrow, and then not run again until the Flying Pig Marathon this Sunday.

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