Saturday, July 5, 2008

Freedom Run and more

As I said in my last post, I had another 8k on the 4th. Just 6 days after the Super Summer 8k. I P R'ed in the Super and I was talking to the race director for the Freedom Run. He said I would do even better in his race. I told him I doubt it. I know his race is hilly and I figured I wouldn't race as well so soon. He was right, I was wrong. It was warm and humid at the start, but not too bad. We go and I had my Garmin set for the same time as before. I figured I'd just try to do as well in this race. But I started a bit faster and this time I didn't back off. I was mostly passing people, although one person did pass me. Just a kid, so I didn't worry about him. There was one guy in front of me, and I had seen him before, but wasn't sure whether he was in my age group. It turns out he isn't, but I didn't pass him anyway. But I did hang on to him and that helped me get through the hard times. This race finishes with a hill before it finally goes down. I was dying on the hill but hung on and finished in 35:35, a 20 second P R over last weekend. This is one of the best run races in the city. The director makes sure as many people as possible leave with a prize of some kind. Near the end he just looks out at bibs, and then calls your number.
Last Sunday I had a 20 mile long run planned. Well planned is a bit of an overstatement. I'll explain. I did one short out and back for 5 miles. Dropped off one bottle and picked up another and headed in the opposite direction to get in the remaining 15 miles. I was about to the 7 mile from my car mark when I realized that I was almost out of drink, and I didn't have any money with me. I wasn't panicking, but I thought, that was dumb. So I started looking for water hydrants when I remembered that another group was planning a long run out this way, and they were going to put water out. But for me to get to where I figured they'd have the water would mean that I'd have to go an extra two miles. So my dilemma, turn around and try to make it back, or go the extra two and take a chance that the water was there. I decided to go the long way. I was very happy to see the ice chest there with Gatorade and water. I got some, and filled my bottle and headed back. Twenty-two miles done. I thought I knew who had put the water out, but I saw him at the race yesterday and he said he hadn't put it out. So whoever put it out, Thank You. Tue - speed work Wed - 5 miles on trails, and this morning 13 miles on different trails running with a friend.

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DawnB said...

congratulations on the PR. very nice long see what heppens when you take a chance.