Monday, July 14, 2008

Just an update

For the past week I've been mainly concentrating on this school reunion I'm a committee member for. It went well, but interrupted my running schedule. I have a family reunion in three weeks, and I'm a worker for that one also. I'll be glad to get that one over with also. So this past week, I only got in about 30 miles. That's including 14 miles I did yesterday around Draper Lake. But that's ok, I should be tapering for my 50k this coming Sat/Sun. The race starts at midnight, so I guess technically it's a Sunday race.


DawnB said...

Reese, good luck with your 50k this weekend. Maybe the family commitments is what you need to keep you tapered. Have fun

Adrianne said...

Good luck to you....looking forward to your report!