Thursday, July 31, 2008

Up to Date

Just a bit of rambling because I don't like to go too long without blogging. I took a day off after the El Scorcho 50k. I've read with interest their website and blog with all the patting themselves on the back. Again, it's a good race, almost bare bones and as long as you understand that, it's fine.
I'm back to training, and it's going well. I've been running in the mornings after I get to work because of the heat. I've been getting the runners high after almost every run, and that's scary. I read on another blog something to this effect; "People exercise too much, I have a friend that runs marathons and he gets a high afterwards. That's why I drink and smoke, I can get the same thing walking up a flight of stairs." Anyway, I had a good week after the race. I've backed off a bit this week because of my upcoming family reunion. After that's over, I should be able to pick it up again. I probably needed a step back week anyway.
I had to schedule a business trip to "upstate New York." So there was this 100k I'd been looking at, and decided to tie them together. So I signed up for the Green Lakes 100k trail endurance run. I believe in gradual increases and to me, this was the next logical step in ramping up to a possible try at 100 miles early next year. One-hundred kilometers is 62 miles.
Another goal I have for this year is to Boston Qualify. For me, since I will be 55 this year, that means I need to run a marathon in 3:45 or better. I have a bit of nostalgia for the Rt. 66 Marathon in Tulsa, because their first marathon was my first marathon. And I could keep a streak going there. But I've decided that to B Q is more important to me, and so I'm thinking about skipping Tulsa, and trying to qualify at Tucson. Tucson is known as a good qualifier because it's a net downhill course. I'll wait until after the 100k, but that's how I'm leaning right now.
Live well, exercise regularly, and enjoy life.


DawnB said...

do you know I've told many that if they run they would not need to drink and smoke!!!

I'm gald things are going well for you. 100k trail!! I'm still looking for my first 50K

good luck with the BQ I hope some day I'll get serious enough and decide to just do it.

Aaron Hamby said...

Dang...that's alot of goals! You should come down and run the Space Coast marathon with me....that's a great BQ!

You are an inspiration....keep it up....

Dr. Marc and Tanya said...

Moving up to 100K! Cool! Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while. Tanya and I are good. Ramping things back up. Big Bear marathon next month, Long beach in Oct, Pasadena in Nov. Running marathons and halfs to focus on speed.
I want to make running sub 4 marathons like clock work :)

Take care,

cbri2 said...


It was an honor to be with you yesterday for your final loop. I had been keeping my eye on you all day and watching you progress through the course and the difficult conditions. You stayed steady especially factoring in the intense heat, sun, and humidity. I was happy you made the 12 hour cutoff, and was surprised when it was you I would follow around the course.

I think you give me too much credit. I tried to read what was happening realizing endurance athletes need to reach deep within themselves and focus at the task at hand. I didn't want to see you turn back after enduring 12+ hours of
running. The temperature had cooled off. The worst was behind you. I thought you could do it more than you were able to realize for yourself after that steep climb. I wanted to keep you thinking ahead (of possibility), not behind in defeat. Yet, I didn't want to push you. Our minds are powerful tools and I just loaned you a little piece of mine when yours got too fatigued to think clearly.

You're the hero and I and the rest of the crew applaud you. I was impressed by all the runners and volunteers on the course that day and was so glad to be a part of it all.

Perhaps you'd like to run the course next time you're in town and you can help me through it.

You can get my email from Todd.

I hope you are managing to get around OK and that you have a good trip home to your family.

Thank you for inspiring me!