Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Running & More in So Cal

I am staying in Huntington Beach for business. Yesterday evening I went for a 10 mile (5 out & back) run along the beach. I could get used to this. I have run north of here before. From Marina Del Rey north, and south. I don't know how much more running I will get in, because the business part of this trip starts in earnest today. I'm here for the filming of an infomercial. And while this is not a movie or TV series, the parts I've seen have been very interesting. I still may run a trail race this Saturday, but will have to play it by ear, and it may be sold out even if I do have the time.

Sunday I did an 8 mile progression run. I started off slow, and then started doing progressively faster kilometers. Finishing with 2 4:30's. Not as fast as I would like, but I feel like I need to ease back into speed work while incorporating the stretches the doc prescribed.


Willie said...

Wow can I have your autograph!

Enjoy your time in the sun and hurry back, we miss you.

JenZen said... jealous!! Running on the beach is killer, but sooo pretty. Enjoy!!

Dave Powell said...

Small world, amigo. I saw you on the OTRA site (I just joined) and had to follow the link to your blog. Estoy muy celoso de ti. Take care, be safe and we'll see you at the June meetup.

Dave Powell

RBR said...

Beautiful runs! I hope you get to do the trail run there are some really pretty ones down there.

If you like running along the ocean you should consider Big Sur marathon next year. It is gorgeous!