Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bricktown Blaze - Training & Injuries

I ran this 5k yesterday. This is an evening race to benefit Limbs for Life Foundation. I knew about this race, but had never run it before. It's a downtown race that starts and ends near the Redhawaks (Minor League Baseball Team) stadium. It was a nice cool evening overcast but not raining. That was one reason I signed up for this race. In past years it has been hot for this race. I saw the long range forecast predicting temperatures in the 50's. We've had more rain than we've needed lately. At 5:30, right on time, we start. This race takes you out from downtown just a bit then returns. Nothing spectacular about the course, gentle rolling hills. I was not feeling my best, but didn't feel bad either. I was able to hold 4:30/k's or better. I finished in 22:01, 1st in age group. The age group prize was a baseball. It's always nice to get something other than a medal.
Friday I went to see the running doc. I made an appointment with him to try to work on some minor problems before they became stoppers. I saw him before the office visit, and he told me "you know you don't have to come to my office?" He is often at our group runs, treating people out of his SUV. But as I told him, I needed his undivided attention. He diagnosed my problems, told me they were minor and gave me some stretches and exercises to fix them. My training has been on the back burner because I didn't want to aggravate any of my issues. This week I head to Southern California for work. I'll be there from Tuesday to Saturday. Depending on my schedule I may run a 22k trail race in Malibu Creek State Park.


DawnB said...

congratulations on yet another age group win. Good luck if you do decide to run the 22k trail race I'm sure you will too tempting to pass up.

Just_because_today said...

funny that you mentioned that it nice to get something other than a medal. As a race director I try to avoid giving medals. I always look for a garmet, something they can actually use especially for the overalls because they always win. In my case, when I win a medal I frame it!