Thursday, January 10, 2008

Continuing to catch up

First I realize that most of you reading this are following a myspace link. But if there are any here that have found me through other methods, should you care to read my old blogs, feel free to go to my myspace profile and look to the upper right for blog links.

Picking back up from my first year of racing, I started racing 5 and 10k's on a regular basis. I would occasionally finish top 3 in my age group, but not often. Then I started thinking about doing a marathon. I decided to make the '06 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon my first one. I started training with the OKC running club. Things were going pretty well until I decided to run 10 miles around Lake Hefner as fast as I could. About one mile from the finish, my right knee felt like it was on fire. I thought it was a cramp, and would go away in a day or two. No such luck. This is when I learned what ITB Syndrome was. After reading up on it, I decided to make sure I was over it, so I didn't run for a month. But I kept my fitness up by using an elliptical. I couldn't run the marathon, but I then decided to make the '06 Tulsa Route 66 Marathon my first one. My training went well, and I ran it in Nov. of '06. I was shooting for 4 hours and doing well until mile 21. I hit the wall and had to walk run from there. I finished around 4:14 chip, and wasn't too disappointed. In the next one or two posts, I'll finish with how I got to 5 marathons and 2 ultras. And what I'm training for now.

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