Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trails and Intervals

Yesterday I decided to do an easy trail run. I belong to the Oklahoma City Trail Runners and they ran these trails this weekend. I had other commitments, so I didn't run with them. I ran the green trail at lake Draper. It's around 6 miles, but they've changed the course after all the damage done by our Dec. ice storm. Anyway, I finally figured how to finish and get out. I ran for just over an hour at a moderate pace.
Today I had 10 400m x 1:35 (6:20/mile pace) with a 2 minute rest. I had no trouble running these, and ran the last 400 at a 6 minute mile pace just to see if I could. Everything else seems to be going well.
Tomorrow I'll be going to see "The Spirit of the Marathon." I'll give my opinion in the next couple of days.

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