Sunday, September 26, 2010

In the Mean Time

I've continued my running, racing, and training. Since my last post about running, I've run at least three races. Two 5k's and one half marathon. Both 5k's my time was about 21:25. No where near my best, but good times. The second 5k I did feel better at the end than I do after most 5k's. That let me know that maybe my training is paying off. At the half marathon, I was running very well the first half, and out and back course, but really struggled coming back. That didn't bother me because it told me some things. Mainly that I am able to run long at a higher level, but need to mesh my pace with the distance. The half was a training run anyway.
Coming up all my runs/races are long. In two weeks, 10/10/10, I have a marathon. Then on the 23rd of Oct. I'm running a 12 hour timed race. And in November I'm running the Mother Road 100. I also have signed up for a very famous race, but more about that later.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Internet Emotions

There have been several reasons I haven't posted in some time. Most of them are related to negative events in my life. While negative they are all part of life. I have had severe property damage related to tornadoes. Negative experiences dealing with the insurance companies related to this damage. Negative experiences related to the contractors fixing this damage. And the death of someone very close to me.
The reason for my title is that I don't like "Internet emotions." That is compassion's, condolences, sympathies etc. from people who either don't really know me, or didn't know those around me. I'm not saying they aren't sincere or heartfelt. I'm just saying I don't like them. I've always felt that I'm part of a crossover generation. I'm comfortable with technology, in fact I enjoy it. But I don't accept that I can have a best friend, someone who can share in whatever we're feeling, and we've never met. I like the people that I "talk to" correspond with on the Internet. But I don't feel like we're truly "good friends." Nor do I expect them to feel like I'm their "best" or even "good friend." Some of my younger friends on Facebook or like areas seem to be more comfortable baring their souls here. For me, it is hard to even confide in face to face friends, let alone my "cyber buddies."
I'll get into my running in another post, but on my run this morning, I decided it was time to come back.