Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Bay of Fundy Marathon

The Bay of Fundy International Marathon is a marathon between Lubec, Maine, United States and Campobello Island, New Brunswick, Canada.
I traveled with a group of 4 other running friends.
This is a beautiful part of the country and Lubec is just across a bridge from New Brunswick Canada.
At least 24 hours before the race we had to clear both sides of the border otherwise we wouldn't be allowed into Canada without stopping. They check your bib off a list and put a sticker on it.
This is a very small race, less than 160 people participating in the marathon. Despite that it is well supported.
The race is also very hilly. We drove the course the day before and after seeing it, I decided I was going to be doing a lot of walking on the uphills.
We were bused out to the start which is at Quoddy Lighthouse and is the Eastern most part of the continental United States.
The day was partly cloudy but it heated up quickly. We ran 6 miles in Maine before entering Canada, then it's 10 miles out and back into the US for the finish which is another .2 miles in the city of Lubec. My strategy paid off and I finished in what I considered a decent time.
The finisher medals are hand made by a local artist.