Friday, October 16, 2020

Prairie Fire Marathon


Prairie Fire Marathon – Wichita KS
I decided to run my first marathon this year in Wichita. I had several planned before, but COVID had other ideas. I’d run the half there about 9 years ago, but hadn’t run a marathon in KS.
I drove to Wichita the day before (Saturday October 10).  It's only about a 2 1/2 hour drive from Oklahoma City and straight up I-35.  I went to packet pick up first because it was just after noon and only about 4 blocks from my hotel.  Pick up went quickly and I soon checked into my hotel.  I had taken a small cooler with food and drink so I settled into the hotel, watched the Sooners (OU) beat Texas in 4 overtimes.  Boomer Sooner.
I saw the forecast said that it would warm up and be windy. I didn’t have high expectations because no matter how much I train, it seems I do better after running several marathons.
Started and stuck to my plan of nice and easy, let the race determine my pace. I gradually picked up the pace and was running decently until I hit mile 15. I could feel my energy dropping until 20, then it was survival mode. More walking than running just doing my best not to have a medical issue. Good news, finished, rested, drove back to Oklahoma and 4 days later feel mostly recovered.
The only slightly downside was the hotel would not give me a late check out.  I felt since they were the featured hotel for the race, that shouldn't have been a problem.  I won't blame the race though, the desk clerk was a bit of a jerk.  I sensed that before he said a word.
The race was well run, plenty of water and friendly people. There were some volunteers on 4 wheelers checking on people and I’d just give them a thumbs up and they’d keep going. Some drivers were not happy with the road diversions and the best show of the day was a policewoman jumping on the hood of a convertible sports car telling him to stop. Thanks to all of them helping to keep us safe.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Songs in the Key of Life


Songs in the key of Life // Nate Galloway on Vimeo 

On a run this morning I was thinking about music.  I occasionally post music I like and I never get the response I expect.  I think other people will respond or feel the way I do about the song.  But they don't and that's because they don't associate the images and memories to the song that I do.  I've also listened to other peoples music, and sometimes I don't think much of it.  For the same reason.
I know that title is from a Stevie Wonder album, but it's not one of my favorites.  I just like the title.  To me it explains why we like the music we do.  We associate it with, usually, pleasant memories.